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7th Grade Band

Welcome to 7th Grade Band!!


I am so excited to have such a great group of kids for the Seventh Grade band. 

We are currently working through the Essential Elements book. We are focusing on the basic fundamentals of producing a good sound, reading and counting rhythms, sight reading, reading music and even music notation. 

All seventh graders are encouraged to be working on their practice logs (even just a little every day.) By having that work outside of the classroom, it means that we can work on harder things inside of the band room.




December 21, 2016

Objective: We will demonstrate the ability to analyze music by looking through a list of selected ensemble pieces and completeing a rubric based on what we hear.

Assignment: Using a rubric, listen to the following works of music. Evaluate each one on what you hear. At the end, you will be asked to vote on ONE lyrical piece and ONE technical piece. 


Lyrical Works of Music

A Childhood Hymn – David Holsinger

O Waly, Waly – Douglas Wagner

Crest of Nobility – Robert Sheldon


Technical Works of Music

Excalibur – James Swearingen

Gypsydance – David Holsinger

Furioso – Robert W. Smith

Freedom Overture – John Edmondson



Treble Clef Note Naming Videos 

I Knew You Were Treble

Every Good Boy Does Fine!





It’s A Great Day!