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Photo Album

  • Mrs. Gilmore's class concentrating hard on math.
  • Team Short 2015/16 (2)
  • Girls of Team Short 2015/16 (beginning of year)
  • Our boys are quite close.....
  • Santonio thinks he's the MAN!
  • Team Short 2015/16
  • A pose from Mrs. Gilmore's class.
  • This bunch is looking for trouble!!
  • Team Short hard at work!
  • An Even Bigger Happy Family!
  • Mmmmm....Cupcakes are Good!!
  • It's time to get quiet!
  • Math Block 1 in a normal team huddle!
  • Math Block 1 posing.
  • The WWI team made some awesome posters!
  • WWII team hard at work! They were really focused.
  • WWI vs WWII debate getting heated
  • WWI vs WWII debate Jan 30, 2014

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