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Kaelin Shuck

Welcome to my online classroom.

     My name is Kaelin Shuck. I am proud and excited to be your child's ELA teacher and guide this school year. I was born in Liberal, and raised my whole life thus far in this county. I went to school at Hugoton, and then went on to get my bachelors at Barclay College. I'm happily married going on 2, almost 3 years. I'm an avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan, and have been my whole life. I love all things sports; I'm helping coach at south middle school this year with both football, and basketball. 

     Like sports I believe that education is also a team effort, and that to achieve our common goal we must work together. Parents and teachers must always be on the same page when it comes to their childs best interest, and in this case our common goal is their future. Every day we as teachers, parents, and students must work to better ourselves and not be content with ordinary. If we work together I believe that we can overcome obsticales and break down barriers that keep our children from slipping into acedemic complacency. Every human being has weakness; too often we use our struggles as a crutch and never learn to walk the way we should. We become content with not giving everything we have because we have an excuse. Eventually that subject and mentality spreads into other facets of our life. I will stress to students the importance of effort, not only in school but in the world they go home to each day. They will learn to take their struggles and make them a strength. Students will work as a team, and not give up on their fellow classmates or themselves. 

     It is our weaknesses that define who we are in every aspect of our lives. We all handle adversity in our lives, and it is how we handle that  Every child that comes into my class will struggle  in one or more ways over the material that we cover. Education isn't easy. Education will have you pulling hair and losing sleep many nights, if you care. My class, and our children will be successful both in my classroom and in the work force based on the effort they give me. I can promise you that if we work together each and every day to give our best we will not only change our lives but those around us that we come into contact with.

     I am so excited for the potential that every student has shown thus far, and I like the direction that this class is heading. 

Kaelin Shuck

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