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Merle Chesbro

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Physical Education & Health- Why Is It Imoprtant?


1. The Center for Disease Control & The National Assocation for Sport & Physical education commissoned a study that focused on physical activity and student perfromance in the academic area and found that active student perfom at a higher level (academically) than non active students.

2.  Obesity is a serious health risk.  Without physical education and health education, a student can be at risk for many diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and certain forms of cancer.  Physical and health education can be used as a preventative measure to teach students the value of exercise and nutrition.


3.  it promotes academic learning.  A good cardiovascular system promotes excellent blood and oxygen circulation.  This means that more nutrients and thus energy ciculate throughout the body including the brain.  This promotes longer attention span during classes which leads to increase concentration and absorption of material.


4.  It develops cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Physical education allows students to interact together to a common goal.  It requires working with other students, using the body and the mind.



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