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About Taryn Lobmeyer

Hello, my name is Miss. Lobmeyer. I am one of the new teachers here at South Middle School and I teach 7th grade Math and Pre-Algrebra.

Just a little about myself...

I was born and raised about two hours away from here in Leoti, KS. My family large and crazy and I love them all. I am the middle child of 9 kids and we are starting to get scattered around as we all move away from home. Everywhere from the three youngest still at home to three of the oldest in Washington and California.

Outside of my actual family I claim some of my best friends as family and love going back to Leoti to visit everyone and play with their kids.

Ever since I was in the first grade I knew I wanted to become a teacher. In high school I debated becoming a math teacher but was never sure about the idea; I loved working with the younger kids!

I chose ESU because of their teaching program and enjoyed all four years of college. Originally I was only in the Elementary Teachers program at ESU and it was during my Sophmore year at ESU that I decided to add in an endorsement in Middle School Mathematics. After four worthwhile years at ESU I graduated with my Bachelor's degree and was able to get my Teaching License in May of 2011.

After college I moved back in with my parents while looking for a job. For the first year out of college I worked at a local gas station in my hometown and as a substitute teacher in Leoti and Scott City. I enjoyed my time as a substitute because I was able to work with kids I already knew and gain some more teaching experience. By the end of the school year I was already going through the interview process again in search of a teaching position in the Western Kansas area.

After interviewing here in Liberal I had a decision to make and while at first I was nervous, I was and still am very happy to be here at South Middle School. This is now my fourth year here I am still happy to call this place home.


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