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Daily Schedule

My daily schedule for the 2015-16 school year is the following: Monday - Friday (excepting holidays or inservices) 

1st block - 8:00-8:30- I block, Mr. Stewart's room, B-3

2nd block - 8:33-9:50 Intensive Math, Mr. Stewart's room, B-3.

3rd block - 9:53-11:10 Intensive Math, Mr. Stewart's room, B-3.

4rd block - 11:13 -12:56 Intensive Math, Mr. Stewart's room B-3

Lunch period is 12:02-12:27

5th block - 12:59 - 2:12 Mr. Stewart's room B-3 planning period

6th block - 2:15 - 3:25, Science Exploration, Mr. Stewart's room, B-3.



                                            Randy Stewart



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