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shawn riggs

Class Descriptions :

       1.  AVID -  Advancement Via Individual Determination.  This is a college prep class designed to assist students in achieving a college education and degree; and constructing a model citizen for the American society.  This is a class designed for all students who want to apply on a voluntary basis, and are selected using a rubric that incorporates many variables ( ie. 1st generation of college bound student, socio-economic status, individual test scores and grades,etc.).  The AVID class employs several methods such as binders, tutorials, Cornell notes, philosophical chairs, Socratic seminars, guest speakers, college visits, and other strategies to obtain better study habits.





       2. Teen Leadership - Is a class which students develop leadership, professional, and business skills.  They learn to foster a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility.  This will be accomplished via public speaking, writing, technology, and Cornell Notes.

  1.  English Language Arts 8th grade is a class that will prepare students to be career and college ready.  The class will learn using Common Core standards and be directed via Kansas State Tests and MAP tests.  Students will read, write, listen, and speak at rigorous levels using classic literature, vocabulary enrichment, Greek and Latin roots, and projects for real world products.